Thursday, July 19, 2012

Time of Transitioning

The landscape of our multiple island nation is extremely beautiful. We live in a coastal city just below the mountain range. This is one of my favorite combinations of terrain. The days are either sunny or rainy. The rains are very powerful. It creates a beautiful sound when it falls on the tin of the rooftop. The vegetation is beautiful as well. It is very green in our city, which I enjoy. Cleanliness is also much different. This affects the ocean, the rivers that run through our city, the ground and the streets. It also affects the people in ways that many are unaware of.

I almost feel as if my time in this country is already quickly coming to a close. When I think of all that we have planned and consider the important unplanned opportunities that will arise, I realize how short a 6 month timespan really is in the overall picture of life. This is a good reminder to work diligently and efficiently in the time that I have been given not only in this place but also in all places that I am directed. In addition, this time does not belong to me but rather I am to obey my Father and allow His desires to be fulfilled in the manner in which He pleases. After witnessing various types and people of service I have been reminded that opportunities exist in all places. Therefore it is the person, not the career that determines the level of focus within service I believe. I am to conduct myself in a similar manner in all places. Service is a mentality, not a location. However, I am pleased that I have been chosen for this place at this time.

We have now moved out of our homestay and have plans to move into our new house that will serve as our home for the remaining time we have in country. However, our new home is not yet ready for us to move into yet. There is still much work that needs to be done on the house before it can be lived in. We are staying with our supervisors in the meantime. They have four little girls with the oldest being 5 years old and the youngest being 4 months. This has been an incredible opportunity for Rebekah and I to learn and observe life as a wife and mother. All four little girls have blonde hair and blue eyes. We fit right in with their family.

Now that our homestay is complete, our schedule will begin to look much different. We will still maintain contact with our homestay family but obviously we will no longer be in their home on a daily basis. We will soon have our own mode of transportation. We will be using a motorcycle, as that is what all nationals use. This will allow for easier access into the city and to visit with others. We will also begin to complete our assignments from our university while continuing to study our language.

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  1. Ashty! Once again, I'm thankful to read your updates. It's good to hear about others working towards the same Goal! And it's exciting about the motorcycle haha (be safe and wear your helmet)! I love you and think about you all the time :)