Friday, October 5, 2012

Southeast Asian Adventure...And…Ordinary Life…

Rebekah’s parents and boyfriend recently made a visit here to Southeast Asia. It has been a blessing to have the opportunity to see familiar faces from home. I believe that this time together was a time of growth and learning. Thank you Whaley Family and Caleb for making the trip to Southeast Asia.

During the visit of Rebekah’s family, we decided to explore part of our island. This involved a mountain hike to the lip of a volcano. Our hike began by hearing the call of monkeys in the treetops. Their sound echoed throughout the mountain jungle as we continued our hike. The mountain was steep (I worked muscles that I didn’t even know I had! Haha) but proved to be a great climb. Once we got halfway to the top, for the sake of time, we decided to ride motorcycles the rest of the way. This proved to be a thrilling experience. First, my motorcycle did not have pegs to place my feet on. However, my motorcycle driver had my safety in mind as he pointed to a random screw on the motorcycle and told me to place my feet there. I felt like Elf in the North Pole as I sat behind my motorcycle driver with my knees to my face. I held on tight expect for the times that I was moving tree limbs away from our faces as he rushed through the jungle branches. This proved to take a toll on the motorcycle, as we had to pull over due to the bike overheating. We gave it some time to cool and then continued our ride. Not too much longer and we pulled over again. This time it was because we ran out of gas. So, here I am with only my motorcycle driver, in thick jungle forest, on the side of a mountain when suddenly, in English, he says to me, “Miss, what is your solution?” Shocked that he could even communicate with me on this level, I responded by saying, “Um, walk?” I don’t think he liked my idea as he then preceded to tell me that he was going to return to the city by coasting down the mountain, fill up with gas and then come back and pick me up. I asked if I could ride back down with him to catch up with my friends and continue hiking the mountain with them so that I would not be left alone. He said, “No, you stay here and I will go to the city. Miss, don’t panic.” So, off he went to refill with gas. Shortly after, Rebekah’s father came running up. He said that as my motorcycle driver passed him on the way down, he told him that he had left someone up there. Her dad and I continued hiking. Later, my motorcycle driver reappeared; full of gas and so we took advantage of his services once again. After making it to the top of the mountain, we had to climb a few hundred steps to reach the top of the volcano. After, huffing and puffing, we made it and saw a huge crater full of sulfur lakes. It was incredible. After enjoying a packed lunch at the top, we began the journey back down the mountain. As you can imagine, going down was much faster than going up. My motorcycle driver went slowly through rocky areas and mud pits and then zoomed off on all other parts of the journey. As off-roading is one of my favorite activities, it definitely was a thrill!

“There are times when we do know what [His] purpose is; whether we will let the vision be turned into actual character depends upon us, not upon [Him]. If we prefer to loll on the mount and live in the memory of the vision, we will be of no use actually in the ordinary stuff of which human life is made up. We have to learn to live in reliance on what we saw in the vision, not in ecstasies and conscious contemplation of [Him], but to live in actualities in the light of the vision until we get to the veritable reality. Every bit of our training is in that direction. Learn to thank [Him] for making known His demands.” –Oswald Chambers – Here in Southeast Asia I have witnessed “exciting” efforts for Him. However, there have been days that simply represent the process of ordinary life. I believe it is in these days that my Father has tested my faithfulness by examining my level of willingness to be obedient in the simple demands of life. As one who is still learning various ways to bring about His glorification, I challenge you to also remain faithful in the ordinary aspects of life. In Paul’s first letter to Corinth, he wrote the words “Called to be saints.” Accept the lifestyle of this call. To those in Thessalonica, He encouraged them to always rejoice, remain in constant communication with Him and to continually give thanks to Him for that is His will. The pictures below represent aspects of ordinary life here. It is the process of daily life among people so that the end might be made known. There are moments of presenting and discussion but there are also moments of laughter. All are important in this method of effort. Other times ordinary life involves making meaning conversation with the vendors in the local market. I am still learning how to put aside my own time and desires for the sake of being genuine among everyday people. The real solution to ordinary life is simply to be obedient to Him in all things.

I was becoming short and she was becoming tall.


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