Friday, November 16, 2012

The Advocate

John beautifully describes the Son as “the Advocate of the Father, the Righteous One.” Throughout his writings, He characterizes those who belong to the enemy as ones who do not acknowledge the Word in the Flesh as the Son. As I began to ponder the meaning of these words I became grieved. Our presence in this country has made this passage become so much more real to me as the majority of people we see on a daily basis are of the majority religion…followers of a doctrine that refuses to acknowledge Him as the Son but rather, simply as a prophet. I believe it is difficult to view fellow mankind in such a light, as ones belonging to the enemy. The ramifications of such a theory is beyond human understanding. However, our recognition of the greatness of the King should outweigh our compassion for people and therefore I ask that my gaze may be fixed on Him so that I may run with endurance towards the ultimate prize of eternal worship. It is through Him alone that life is given. Although, I am prone to wander, He is faithful.

I have learned much regarding the importance for edification among the devoted believers. All throughout the Book the authors speak of brotherly love and encouragement. His greatest command to His followers is to love one another. Peter writes that no prophecy is given by man but is actually given from the Father through the Spirit. Men are simply the chosen messengers. Therefore, we can trust that the instructions of love that has been given to us are unvarnished.
In addition, Paul encourages his readers to renew their minds in the things of above. All of the examples he gives on how to do so directly involves relations with other people. He provides instruction to not become prideful, to bless those who curse us, to weep with those who are weeping and rejoice when they rejoice. He says to not repay others for their evil deeds but rather to live in peace with one another. He writes, Beloved, let love be genuine. Paul suggests that service to Him is done through our behavior towards others. Therefore, let us encourage one another in the Spirit with brotherly love and joyfully bring that service before Him as a fragrant aroma. 
I just turned 22 years old! I was extremely blessed by my family and friends back in the States as well as my new friends in this place. I believe the Father placed much thankfulness in my heart as He did not have to give to me but yet He chose to extend blessings to me from others. I am grateful. Rebekah made me homemade cinnamon rolls for my breakfast…delicious! She and I joined one of our national friends in an effort to speak His name. Rebekah, our roommate Rachel, our closest national friend and I had a picnic lunch on the Indian Ocean to celebrate with one another. It was a profitable and enjoyable time in one another’s company.  
We then celebrated together with all of our friends at the English club. It is cultural for the birthday person to treat their friends as opposed to being treated. My parents, knowing this tidbit, prepared a plethora of events, games and American snacks to treat our friends here. They delivered the items when they visited back in September. I think it has been one of the most enjoyable English club sessions we have had yet. It was a joy to see our friends enjoying one another in such ways. I finished the day with a fantastic meal at our supervisor’s house. I know that my team and wonderful partner put much thought into my birthday and so I am thankful for their efforts. Also, those closest to me at home made an attempt to celebrate on my behalf and for them also I am extremely thankful. I love you family and friends.

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